Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1973 - Graduate High School of Fine Arts, Sofia
1980 - Graduate of Scenography at The National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. Master degree of Stage design.
1985 - Specialisation "The visual theatre", Institute International de la Marionnette in Charleville - Mezieres, France.
1980/1997 -  Stage designer at the State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv.
1992/94 - Professor of Stage design at the National Academy of Theatre & Film Arts, Sofia.
1997/2000 -  Stage designer at the Theatre ATELIE 313 , Sofia.
2000 - 2005 - Stage designer at the State Puppet Theatre - Burgas.
Since 1999 - Professor of painting in the Academy of Fine arts, Sofia.

Professional membership: 
Union of the Bulgarian Artists, OISTAT, and UNIMA /Union International de la Marionnette/

Professional experience:
17 personal exhibitions of painting: Sofia, Povdiv, Varna, Sliven, Haskovo /Bulgaria/,
Praha/ Czech republic/, Magdeburg /Germany/, Gjumlik, Honefoss, Lillehammer  /Norway/, Tolosa, Alicante /Spain/
40 participations in International Exhibitions in Europe, USA, Cuba, Japan etc.
70 illustrated books, posters and cartoons.
Author of the scenography of over 100 puppet productions in Bulgaria and abroad (Europe, Mexico etc). Her name is associated with productions popular both at home and world-wide - "Don Quixote", "Puk", "Buratino", "The Calif Stork" etc.
Stage design & puppets for the puppet movie "Marky The Bookmark`s" for Canadian TV

Recipient of many awards:
The Golden Dolphin Award for scenography, Varna, Bulgaria - 1984, 1999,2002
The Pierrot award for scenography, Bulgaria - 2000,2001
Awards from the National Reviews of Puppetry, Bulgaria
For scenography from The International Festival of The Puppet Theatres, Praha, Czech Republic - 1998, 2000, 2002
For scenography from The International Festival of The Puppet Theatres, Subotitza, Serbia - 2001
The Special Award from The Cartoon Exhibition, Skopje, Macedonia - 1984
The grand award "Teatron" for scenography - 1993
phone:  /02/8518486,   mobile:  0887970206


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